Terms and Conditions


Below, we explain the conditions to regulate the hiring of the children care services through Nanny Menorca, property of Daniel Serratore Ruiz.

The provider of the hired services is Daniel Serratore Ruiz, address street Allemand 19, Sant Lluis, Menorca N.I.F. 41639553P, phone (+34) 691 258 113, from now on called "provider". The user/client is responsible for the veracity of the personal information given to the provider.


At first, the user/client must to fill a request form detailing days, times, number of children, address where the service will be provided and profile of the nanny/babysitter they need. The user/client personal data will be saved into a file according to our Privacy Policy. The user/client, to confirm a service, must to pay an advance of at least 25% of the total pricing. In case that the advance was lower than 100%, the pending amount will be paid at maximum 48h after the service is finished. The service will be interpreted as "hired" by the user/client, once the advance is paid, using any of the available payment options.


Below are described the different conditions according to the nanny/babysitter hiring status:

1.Nanny/babysitter hired by the user/client

In this case, the provider only acts as intermediary. Once the user/client has described its needs, the provider sends a nanny/babysitter that matches with the profile needed. The provider earns a fixed price for the gestion of looking and selecting a nanny/babysitter. The user/client is responsible of the compliance of the law, hiring the nanny/babysitter legally. The provider DO NOT promote illegal work.

2.Nanny/babysitter hired by the company Nanny Menorca

In this case, the provider counts with a staff of nannies/babysitters legally hired by the company. The provider will send a nanny/babysitter to take care of at maximum 3 (three) children, at the address detailed by the user/client. The days and hours of the service will be agreed before the first day of service. If the user/client wants to modify the agreed days and times, the user/client must to warn the provider at least 4 (four) hours before the first service. Due to availability reasons, the provider do not guarantee that this changes can be applied. If, by any chance, at the end of the service, the agreed days and times have been modified, the final price will be adjusted. The provider assures that the nanny/babysitter is legally hired, insuranced, trained to children care, and vetted by the provider. The provider is not responsible if the nanny/babysitter accepts to make works that do not match with his responsability of taking care of the children (example: housework). If by any chance the user/client wishes to replace the nanny/babysitter, or if the nanny/babysitter cannot continue, due to personal reasons, the provider commits to send another nanny/babysitter, with no additional cost.


For more information about the service, the user/client can call to +34 636 51 77 16 or by e-mail to info@nannymenorca.com.


The user/client will be able to cancel the service up to 4 (four) hours before the starting of the first service. In this case, the provider will refund the payment. If beforehand time is lower than 4 (four) hours before the first service, the provider will not be forced to refund the advanced money.


This conditions will be regulated according to the Spanish Law in those aspects that are not expressed in this text. In case that there was a controversy between the provider and the user/client, both agree to obey to the Spanish Juries and the Court placed in the user/client address.


The payment of the service in nannymenorca.com are made through Redsys (Official payment channel BBVA) with all the encryption systems and data transfer security. This way, the user/client will enjoy of the protection of this channels.